Greeting from Japanese Alps

I am back to WordPress after a long break…! I took off last Dec for a few month to Asia. My first stop was Japan. First, I started off to Shirakawa- go, a mountain village in Gifu prefecture. It stands … Continue reading

Inked in over 110 hrs

Saskia Thode is very charismatic.

She also poses this striking look.

She and I met in some bar in Brooklyn some years ago. (such as New York moment)  Her long braided blonde hair with blue eyes in black outfit immediately caught my eyes.

There is something about her I tried to capture this time.

Saskia is a sensitive but strong woman who carries Norse Mythology on her back. She is originally from the region Norse Mythology started.

She has been working on this over 110 hours.

When I saw her tattoo on her back -especially a man hanging in the center I could not help asking her questions!

She explains what she has

“there is a lot of stuff going on … it is all based on norse mythology. there is Odin on the throne, with his two ravens, and wolfs; the tree is Yggdrasil ( the hanging man is Ordin who hung himself of the tree for 9 days and 9 nights to gain wisdom), there is Frigg being pulled by the goat carriage, a well with Ordin’s eye in it, Mirmir’s head on a plate, Niedhoggr the dragon, Ratatoeskr the squirrel, an unnamed eagle, and lots more “


Output_003 Output_002 Output_004

Saskia teaches Yoga. Her FB page is


Portrait of Marianna Barksdale

Last week Marianna came into a studio in Brooklyn to be photographed. I started to  work on “character portrait”.  Try to capture personality using simple set up.

Marianna is a young talented fashion designer lives in New York. Her creativity is beyond.  I found her very interesting. Sometimes she can be unpredictably mischievous. She showed up with her rabbit hair wigs.  I don’t have to say this but she loves rabbit and her birthday was Easter.








I’ll be in Lyon, France in May

I’m looking forward to May as I prepare for an upcoming trip to Lyon, France for several days! I can hear all the delicious cheeses, wines and påté calling my name. That said, for any trip I plan, I generally contact publishers to see if there is any interest in getting a photographic story about the area I plan to visit.

So here in the blogosphere, I am sending out feelers to see if anyone would be interested in having me photograph a story in Lyon. If there is, please email me at to discuss any possible stories. Thanks!

I have a thing for older ladies

In the last few years, I’ve found myself meeting and photographing women in their 70s, 80s and 90s. Listening to stories about their lives layered with complex histories of happiness, joy, and at times tragedy – past and present – reminds me of how we all have our stories to tell. Mine are through photographs and while their stories were shared with me in private, these beautiful women were generous enough to let me express my time with them through these portraits.


Japanese Gardener


welcome Spring the Hanami way

Literally meaning “flower viewing”, Hanami -花見 is one of the most important celebrations in the spring for Japanese culture. Set under a flowering tree (usually the cherry blossom) the custom of having a picnic to admire the blossoms, which dates back to early 700 AD, is one that everyone takes very seriously. A company I used to work for would even send the newer hires to claim a perfect spot under a tree early in the morning for the company Hanami party. They had to guard that spot for the rest of the day so as not to be stolen by other people – a very “important job”. Like any picnic, there was food, games, dancing and plenty of drinking. If you’re lucky to take part in a Hanami, don’t be surprised if you a spot a Japanese businessman or two stripping off their suits and ties under the tree and dancing in naked. It’s always quite a scene. Welcome to Japan!





Plenty of drinking under the blooming trees.


Standard picnic fare for Hanami.


Dancing always follows soon after.