Inked in over 110 hrs

Saskia Thode is very charismatic.

She also poses this striking look.

She and I met in some bar in Brooklyn some years ago. (such as New York moment)  Her long braided blonde hair with blue eyes in black outfit immediately caught my eyes.

There is something about her I tried to capture this time.

Saskia is a sensitive but strong woman who carries Norse Mythology on her back. She is originally from the region Norse Mythology started.

She has been working on this over 110 hours.

When I saw her tattoo on her back -especially a man hanging in the center I could not help asking her questions!

She explains what she has

“there is a lot of stuff going on … it is all based on norse mythology. there is Odin on the throne, with his two ravens, and wolfs; the tree is Yggdrasil ( the hanging man is Ordin who hung himself of the tree for 9 days and 9 nights to gain wisdom), there is Frigg being pulled by the goat carriage, a well with Ordin’s eye in it, Mirmir’s head on a plate, Niedhoggr the dragon, Ratatoeskr the squirrel, an unnamed eagle, and lots more “


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Saskia teaches Yoga. Her FB page is