Greeting from Japanese Alps

I am back to WordPress after a long break…! I took off last Dec for a few month to Asia. My first stop was Japan. First, I started off to Shirakawa- go, a mountain village in Gifu prefecture. It stands … Continue reading

I’ll be in Lyon, France in May

I’m looking forward to May as I prepare for an upcoming trip to Lyon, France for several days! I can hear all the delicious cheeses, wines and påté calling my name. That said, for any trip I plan, I generally contact publishers to see if there is any interest in getting a photographic story about the area I plan to visit.

So here in the blogosphere, I am sending out feelers to see if anyone would be interested in having me photograph a story in Lyon. If there is, please email me at to discuss any possible stories. Thanks!

welcome Spring the Hanami way

Literally meaning “flower viewing”, Hanami -花見 is one of the most important celebrations in the spring for Japanese culture. Set under a flowering tree (usually the cherry blossom) the custom of having a picnic to admire the blossoms, which dates back to early 700 AD, is one that everyone takes very seriously. A company I used to work for would even send the newer hires to claim a perfect spot under a tree early in the morning for the company Hanami party. They had to guard that spot for the rest of the day so as not to be stolen by other people – a very “important job”. Like any picnic, there was food, games, dancing and plenty of drinking. If you’re lucky to take part in a Hanami, don’t be surprised if you a spot a Japanese businessman or two stripping off their suits and ties under the tree and dancing in naked. It’s always quite a scene. Welcome to Japan!





Plenty of drinking under the blooming trees.


Standard picnic fare for Hanami.


Dancing always follows soon after.


let’s move to Tulum, Mexico

I might be bias, but I think this winter season has been especially brutal in New York City and pretty much all across the US continent. From the constant snow blizzards and temperatures going well below 32º F (0º C), I am ready for the warmth.

It’s a perfect time to revisit some really warm, summery looking photos from Tulum, Mexico. From the beautiful scenery to great food, there is enough surf, sand and sun just to keep my mind off of this weather and perhaps contemplate moving there!






hello friends!

I’m really excited to start of the new year with a blog site. You might wonder why this blog is any different from my office website,  well this blog gives me a little more freedom to post up some of the “other” images you might not see. From behind-the-scene shoots to a sneak peek into projects I’m working on, consider this blog as another way to check out what I’m up to and to keep in touch with me.

I’m slowly getting this site together but for now, so I’ll leave you with a breath of air and lots of space. Here are some favorite images from my past travels!




istanbul, turkey


brighton, england


tulum, mexico


english channel, england